Do you want to make a character but you don't know how to?? Then this page is for you.

Character NamesEdit

I get my character names when i mix two characters names together, for example: Sasuke and Hitsugaya, I get Hitsuke. The Hitsu from Hitsugaya and the suke from sasuke.

You can also get random names when you search "Name Generator" on yahoo or any other search engine.

Character PicturesEdit

I get my pictures when i play around with colours and anime photos. Like for Hitsuke, i used a photo of sasuke, i just editted the hair colour, the clothes and the headband. You can also try getting chibi characters. You can try drawing on paper and scanning it into your computer and upload it here.


As you know, Zanpaktou need a call and names as well. Just use the same method as character names to get the names , and for the call, just think of action words. Zanpaktou skills and abilities can be anythin you want it to be

Hollow abilitiesEdit

Your character can have hollow abilities as you like. But dont make it overpowered as it will be very unfair.

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