Hinote Ousama ( ヒノテオウサマ, Blaze King) is a shinigami

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Hinote has red and black hair. She usually carries her sword on the back. She wears the standard Shinigami Uniform.


Hinote is a stubborn, lazy and cold girl. Despite that, she has a good heart. A lot of her friends respect her for that. Although she might hate orders, she still does them. When she saw a Menos on her trip to the real world, she informed a captain immediately. The captain told her to wait but instead of waiting, she defeated the Menos.


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Not much is known about her history. She thinks her parents might be dead though.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kido User: Hinote can use a bit of Kido

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: She can use Hand-to-Hand combat to defeat a hollow, she might be able to survive Maggot's Nest.


Hinote's Zanpaktou is Takai Sasayaki.It is a black katana when it is normal. It reacts to the call Come Forth.


In it's Shikai form, it looks like a bakkoto as the circle near the tilt looks like an eye.

Shikai AbilitiesEdit
  • Kuro Sasayaki ( Dark Whisper ): Hinote goes into the enemies' mind and create bad illusions.
  • Kuro Doragon ( Black Dragon ): Hinote summons a black dragon to assist her in her attacks.
  • Ichiban Sochi, Kuroi Nami ( First Step: Black Wave ): Hinote sends a Black wave to the enemy, consuming 20% of the enemies reiatsu.


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