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"Life or Death is all in your hands" -Hitsuke Uchiga

Hitsuke is the only Uchiga which chose Shinigami over Ninja therefore, people in his clan calling him an outcast.The only person

who supports him however, is his big brother, Ichihara Uchiga.


Hitsuke looks like other kids but the most noticable features about him are his Hair Colour and the scratched headband he wears. He wears normal Shinigami clothes with the exception of the big skull on his shinigami uniform. His hair colours are Purple and green, a weird combination of colours.


Hitsuke can be very cheerful and very glum sometimes but most of the time he is glum. He always feels like an outcast because he chose shinigami over ninja. He still gives his due respect to his parents and clan members. When he sleeps, he usually has nightmares instead of sweet dreams. His worst nightmare was that his entire clan got killed by his brother, Ichihara for revenge. He is usually cheerful when he is around his best friends.


He used to be a cheerful and fun boy. Then came his decision of choosing Shinigami And Ninja as his clan has both powers but usually excel in ninja. He tried to train to become a ninja as he does not want to be a disgrace to his parents. Although he put in his best effort, he still could not control his powers correctly. He then tried to train for shinigami and realised that his true powers was there. His mother told him to be what he wanted to be but his father, forced him till the very end to become a Ninja. Following what his mother says, he chose to be a ninja and was kicked out of the house. He travelled from town to town to find a place to stay until he would be kicked out or had to run away. Then came the day his shinigami life started. He met a boy his age named Shirokyu. He and Shirokyu became best friends in a short period of time. Once, a hollow came to attack them, just to realise the Shirokyu was a shinigami too. As he and Shirokyu was scared, both of them kept running. Just then, the hollow was killed by a Shinigami named Kyoto. They followed Kyoto to Rukongai. They learned that the Shinigamis usually go to the Soul Academy to train. Hitsuke and Shirokyu went to the academy to train since.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Hand-To-Hand Combatant: His Hand-to-Hand combat is very good. He was seen killing a Menos Grande using hand-to-hand combat

Expert Swordsman Specialist: Although rarely seen with his sword, he is an expert with his sword. He can win a captain level shinigami without using Shikai.


Honobono Akarui (ホノボノアカルイ ;Dimly Bright), Honobono Akarui take the appearance of a normal wakizashi. It emits a powerful aura around it. The spirit of Honobono Akarui resembles 2 little girls, one girl wears all yellow, therefore it is bright and the other girl wears all black therefore its dim. The sword form of Honobone Akarui is 2 swords, like the spirits, one is black and the other is yellow. Because of their spirit appearance, Hitsuke calls them Opposite-Girls (アワセオトメ)


Honobono is released by the call "Evaporate" (ジョチャク;Jochaku) While releasing Honobono Akarui, he holds the sword with two hands, and infront of him. Honobono acts like a bakkoto as Honobono gives Hitsuke extra reiatsu when needed. Honobono still looks like a normal wakizashi but it can reach until 200m. It is a Light-Typed Zanpaktou. When Hitsuke calls "Evaporate" while it is still in Shikai stage, it will let out a huge amount of reiatsu that can be felt within 300m. When Hitsuke merges with it, he will get twice the power he already had.

Shikai Abilities:Edit

  • Surge Of Light: Hitsuke's enemies will be blinded for a few minutes due to the increase of Light. The Light then shines into the enemies body, and observes the enemies' weakness.
  • Creation of Ash: After Hitsuke finishes observing his enemies weakness, his light turns into ashes and start surronding the enemy. Part of the ashes surronding the enemy will reunite to be light again and it will pierce through the enemies body.
  • Light Barrier: A layer of light will protect Hitsuke's body as long as he is not fighting.
  • The Brightness of Black: Hitsuke evaporates himself and unites with his Zanpaktou in a new body, calling it Akari No Kuroi. His power is twice his usual. He now has the ability of a snake, he can slither silently on the floor without his enemy noticing .


Not Yet Revealed

Hollow Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hitsuke has a bit of hollow powers since he was born. That might be one of the reasons why he is better with the shinigami then ninja.

Hollow Mask1

Hitsuke's Hollow Mask

Summoning his hollow mask:When Hitsuke dons his hollow mask, he creates a very bright light which can be seen in Soul Society even if he is in the human world.

Enhanced Speed: When he is in his hollow mode, he is much faster then a lot of Shinigami.

Garganta: is how Hollows move to and from Hueco Mundo. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

Cero Zero: This is Hitsuke's most powerful Cero as a hollow, he is the only Shinigami who has it now. It has both his cero and his hollow's Cero, It is called Cero Zero because when he fires it, it disappears into thin air and attacks the enemy from behind.


Not Yet Achieved


  • (To Shirokyu) I Only have you and my brother to support me, All the others treat me as an outcast.
  • (To Kyoto) What was that and what am I?
  • Life Or Death is all in your hands


  • Hitsuke's favourite food is natto and rice
  • Hitsuke's hobby is fighting with his Shinigami Friends
  • Hitsuke wishes that he can fight Shirokyu for real one day

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