Name Shade Kagekyo
Kanji {{{kanji}}}
Romanji {{{romanji}}}
Race Human
Birthday May 4 1992
Age 18
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 170LBS
Eyes red
Hair raven black
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Affiliation His friends
Occupation Bass Player
Team {{{team}}}
Base of Operations Seireitei
Personal Status
Marital Status In a relationship
Relatives Void and Aura
Education 10th Grade
Status Active
Primary Skill
Signature Skill Shadow Beasts


Shade is considered emo because of his dark appearance. He naturally has black hair and blood red/crimson eyes. Shade usually wears a black shirt, the kind of pants a man would wear to church, and a biker jacket with a special design on it. The design is a demon and angel holding hands, looking away from each other, and with one wing each. The wings point to Shade's shoulders (Demon is on the right, Angel to the left).


Apathy, anger and fear consume his once innocent heart. Shade can't even remember the times he actually was happy in his younger years. Any other emotion, save humor, he has discarded. Shade is also atheist, in that dark soul he feels God betrayed him. He is also fiercely loyal to friends, twistedly psychotic and quite random. The randomness drowns out his "emo self" by just having fun, no matter what could happen. He could skateboard down the Empire State Building's stairs, end up with a broken bone, and still crack a smile. The random shell was made to mask the pain of losing his family.


Shade was born to a psychotic man, who believed himself to be a demon (henceforth known as Void) and a human named Aura (wow hippie parents anyone). Early into his life, a Soul Reaper named Atrum Deux murdered his father to absorb his powers via some odd ritual. Shade's mother died in the cross-fire. Shade woke up, in the house of a kind hermit, without remembering what happened. After a few years, he learned about his past, and in his grief, trying to contain his massive powers killed the hermit and disappeared. That is, until now.....

The next time anyone sees Shade, he has aged until he looked 18 or so. When he came back a hollow, perhaps the Hermit, attacks him. Because he is still only a man he cannot fight back. The hollow uses a claw to knock him to the ground and smashes him onto a rock, killing him. Shade then wakes up in the Seireitei, without any clue why or how he ended up there. Shade then thought about entering the Soul Academy and becoming a Soul Reaper to protect his friends from the hollows, despite not knowing what any of those things are. Loran, who will one day become his bride, appears by his side without a single sound. She then explains what is going on. She admits those thoughts are ones she wanted him to have. In an odd show of thanks, Shade takes Reshi out of the air and creates a necklace out of it. When Loran takes it, Shade asks her what do next. She informed him of the location of the Soul Academy, warning him to be careful.

After Shade heads to the Soul Academy, he tries out the entrance exams. He is only allowed entrance because he can take Reshi and make art out of it. Shade's entrance was hailed as pure luck. He tried to master anything his teachers made him do, yet his pride forced him to not only master but excel. Shade's only problem was a lack of Reiatsu. In the end he became a Soul Reaper because he refused to quit.

During the graduation, he held an Asauchi (shallow hilt) that was infused with the soul of Kami no Kage. In joy, he attempted to beat one of his teachers, but was defeated by a Shikai release.

Some time later, he went to his apartment in the Seireitei, drunk off his arse (grad party). When he entered he found Loran sitting on the floor, and she told him how proud she is that he passed the test. Shade then passed out due to intoxication.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Kido: As a Soul Reaper, Shade can cast Kido. The exact limit is level 20\

Swordsmanship: Shade is a very proficient sword user, judging by the size of his Shikai.Hand to Hand: Shade only uses his fists if he cannot use his Zanpakto, but can rumble with some of the best.

Vast Intellect: Despite only being a 10th grade student, Shade has often times been able to comprehend more than most people, often times acting like a dictionary.

Spirit Pressure: Shade has a virtually non-existent Spiritual Pressure, but what he does have is fully controlled.

Reshi Art: Shade has a skill similar to a Quncy's, in which Reshi is taken form the air and made into an object. Shade's version only creates art, not bows.

Zanpakuto (if any)Edit

Kami no Kage (カミノカゲ lit. God of Shadows). Kami no Kage looks like a long, black and, very jagged katana. Most common useage is to rip flesh off of targets.

Shikai: Korosu yu_zora (lit. murder of twilight skies) is the Shikai command. upon utterance if that phrase, Kami no Kage becomes the spawn of a reverse blade and a 7 1/2 ft. katana. For sacrificing his right to kill with his blade, Shade gains full shadow manipulation. That means he can turn shadows into a golem, needles, swords, you name it. The versitality of Kami no Kage is rivaled only by Benihime. However Shade can only use a shadow that he is standing on, and not made by Kido. He can also only create things IF there is sufficant amounts of a shadow. Therfore he can only create a golem if he stands on a tree or bulding's shadow.

Bankai: Kuchioshii Kami no Kage (Regretful God of Shadows.) is Shade's Bankai. Upon use, his sword becomes a baseball bat with spikes and razor wire surrounding it. His body now leaks shadows that he can use to attack or defend. He gained his powers training with his friend. (See: Bankai Training: Shade vs Margin (Here we go....))

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